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2.0g Vapor Pen

The only 2.0g pen in the California market! 

Low resistance. Extended use. 350mAh Battery. Food grade polyresin plastic. Sleek design. Additional Delta-8 THC, providing cerebral clarity. 

A pen built for heavy use.


1.0g Resin 
Vapor Pen

Our 1.0 resin vapor pens are designed to be sleek, compact, and convenient.​  Decreet and ready to go wherever life takes you.  It has a rechargeable better to ensure that no oil is left behind.​  You get every drop you pay for.

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Indoor Flower

Quality · Potency · Terpenes

Indoor grows are where it's at for quality product that hits right with great flavor. That's what we strive to deliver.

Potency is important because we want to make sure anyone paying for expensive legal weed in CA is getting the most out of their $.

Terpenes are awesome for a great aroma, cannabis essence, and an entourage effect.


No bunk weed here.

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